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Discover a world where grace meets gusto – Entertainment Works Australia presents our "Kids Combo" class, specially designed for young dancers aged 3-7! This enchanting program weaves together the elegance of Ballet, the exuberance of Jazz, and the exhilarating flips of Acrobatics, creating a well-rounded dance experience for your child while they find the style that suits them.


Entertainment Works Australia's Kids Combo class is the trifecta your child needs for a comprehensive dance education. Under the guidance of our experienced instructors, your child will cultivate artistic talent, athletic prowess, and the joy of dance while building strong foundations for their future. This is the perfect platform for nurturing young performers in a fun, creative, safe and supportive environment.


Don’t wait to nurture your child's potential! Enroll them in our Kids Combo class today, and watch as they pirouette, leap, and flip their way into a bright and confident future with Entertainment Works Australia!

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