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We are passionate about creating a stimulating experience that goes beyond dance steps. By introducing you to the rich culture of Hip Hop, we also nurture cultural appreciation and understanding. This engaging dance form, filled with diversity and history, offers a fantastic way to connect with others while learning about the world through dance. Our Hip Hop classes offer more than just an energetic physical workout, they imbue your children with confidence, social skills, and the opportunity to express themselves creatively. The supportive environment of Entertainment Works Australia ensures that everyone feel encouraged to step outside their comfort zones, participate in team activities, and build friendships that resonate with Hip Hop's collaborative spirit.

HIP HOP for Kids

Unleash your inner groove with our electrifying Hip Hop classes at Entertainment Works Australia! Perfect for ages 7 to adults! 


At EWA, young dancers develop coordination, agility, and confidence on the floor. Our Hip Hop classes incorporate age-appropriate music and movements, ensuring a fun, energetic environment for our youngest enthusiasts. Kids and teens thrive as they master the latest choreography, enhancing creativity and social skills with every step. 


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Our specialised Hip Hop Teacher Brandan Van Oosten has works as a professional dancer and teacher for the past 7 years. Teaching all styles of hip hop, Brandons choreography is electric and brings out the best in all of his students.

Hip Hop classes are a  great way for dancers to improve their style and musicality. Offering classes for students in Year 2 to professional classes.

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