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Welcome to Slats, the dynamic and innovative movement company founded by Matt Slattery. Matt's unique perspective, honed over a decade as a professional ballet dancer, predominantly with Boston Ballet, intertwines different mediums to create a thoughtful exploration of the significance and beauty of movement.

As a choreographer, filmmaker, and designer, Matt channels his passion for movement into a plethora of art forms; from live stage productions to mesmerizing dance films, striking visual arts, and immersive experiences. He masterfully orchestrates a detailed ballet of people, light, sound, and objects, across diverse environments.

Slats symbolizes the intersection of traditional movement practices and contemporary art. Further buoyed by Matt's recent retirement as a professional dancer, our portfolio is teeming with potential and continually expanding. 

Passionate about collaborating, Slats embraces opportunities to work with new and emerging artists, fostering a diverse spectrum of creative talent. This shared enthusiasm cultivates a rich, inclusive culture that imbues every project we undertake. 

Our space presents an open invitation to explore the manifold concepts we are eagerly bringing to life. Join us on a remarkable journey as we offer a refreshing perspective on movement and its immersive, transformative power. Together, we can redefine the boundaries of art and ballet, exploring their potential to engage, inspire, transform, and echo across the canvas of the broader art spectrum.


Image of Damani Williams, from the film "Fort" directed by Matthew Slattery. DOP and colour grading by Mason Rudd

Screenshot 2023-09-04 at 4_edited.jpg

As we chronicle our expanding portfolio, we bring before you a wide array of concepts that Matt has ardently worked on. Each work listed has been documented in detail and carries its own narrative, style, and emotion. Ranging from abstract thought experiments to deeply personal stories, each choreographic concept unfolds layer by layer, offering a unique experience to every observer. 

Should you wish to open a discussion about any particular work, you're encouraged to reach out via email. Matt will happily provide more information about the idea, the inspiration, and the process behind the creation.

Our media page is constantly expanding and will be updated as new work is produced. Attached is a link to "ONE" a piece choreographed for Boston Ballet's choreograph workshop. "Fort" a short film produced, choreographed and Directed by Matt will be added after its release in November. 

Image of Damani Williams, from the film "Fort" directed by Matthew Slattery. DOP and colour grading by Mason Rudd



Full Length

Reinvented beloved tales with novel and unexpected twists, forging the a bridge between familiarity and suprising new perspectives.  Swan Lake  Giselle  Romeo and Juliet  Sleeping Beauty  The Lady of the Camellias   The Nutcracker  La Bayadere  Labyrinth    Coroline   Alice's Trip   Dracula


Masterfully condensed narratives woven into concise one or two act structures perfect for mixed programs or digital content.   Myrtha   Medusa   Firebird   Lady Macbeth   Hyde and Seek   The nightingale and the rose   Rite of Spring


Fresh, inventive works eploring the interplay of movement, light, music and space to create an immersive and unique experience.   Therory. Chaos over Order    Recomposed   Ser-e-nade  House  An apartment for six drummers  Micro  Recomposed Set

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Image of Macy Cook, from the film "Fort" directed by Matthew Slattery. DOP and colour grading by Mason Rudd


A short film shot September 2023. Release date November 2023.

Concept, Choreography and directed by Matthew Slattery. DOP, colour grading and editing by Mason Rudd


A thriller based on the ballet the Rite of Spring

"The Lady of the Camellias"

A film based on the book by Alexandre Dumas.


A mid-length thriller film based on act II Giselle.


A 4 part series of short films looking at movement assisted by different structures.


A documentary series of each work and its process. 

"THE Office"

A mocumentary series about the life of professional ballet.

Our films are not just adaptations; they are a new frontier of movement storytelling, thoughtfully designed to appeal to both existing ballet enthusiasts and new audiences. Delving deep into dramatic and compelling sagas via the lens of dance, our mission is to invite viewers up close, into a captivating world typically seen from the auditorium's distance. 

At Slats, we believe in the transformative potential of movement and cinematic fusion. Expanding our portfolio through colaboration, each work encapsulates our vision's essence - bringing ballet to the mainstream, presenting it with a fresh visual language. This section invites you to witness this remarkable journey as each film unfolds the profound narrative power of movement and its potential to engage, inspire, and transform. Join us as we redefine ballet's boundaries and set it free within the myriad possibilities of cinema.



Screenshot 2023-09-04 at 4.01.27 PM.png


At Slats. we operate at the enthralling crossroads of design and engagement, breaking down the barriers between creation and viewer. Our immersive, multidimensional environments encourage audiences to transition from witnessing to contributing to each performance. This tangibility stimulates a deeper understanding and challenges preconceived notions, inspiring a fresh perspective on movement. Every project sparks a creative dialogue, enabling spectators to rethink traditional boundaries and experience the dynamics of motion in ways previously unexplored. Beyond crafting the extraordinary - we redefine the relationship between design and audience, transforming passive observation into active collaboration.

Our innovative designs prompt a reexamination of conventional limits and inspire a renewed perspective on dynamics.  Believing that design surpasses mere visual spectacle, we cultivate interactivity, converting each venture into a journey across the vibrant spectrum encompassing stage, fashion, and lifestyle design. 

Image of Shae Berney from the film "Fort" directed by Matthew Slattery. DOP and colour grading by Mason Rudd

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