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At Entertainment Works Australia, our Acrobatics program lays a strong foundation in flexibility, balance, and strength. Starting from the basics, all dancers are nurtured in a safe, supportive environment, developing astonishing physical skills alongside artistic expression. Entertainment Works Australia's expert instructors nurture each students passion, guiding them through the exciting acrobatic tricks that make audiences gasp. EWA’s studios are equipped to provide a safe space for students to explore and master new acro techniques in a fun, safe and supportive environment.




Elevate your poise and grace at Entertainment Works Australia with ballet classes for all ages, from mini at age 3 the timeless adult enthusiast. Whether you're taking those first delicate steps or perfecting an elegant pirouette, our expertly tailored lessons serve the needs of each aspiring dancer. 

Our dedicated instructors bring a wealth of experience to our friendly and inclusive atmosphere, ensuring personalised attention for your budding ballerina or danseur. The curriculum is thoughtfully designed to cater to various skill levels, from introduction to ballet for beginners to advanced programs for more seasoned young dancers. Dedicated classes emphasize the foundational elements of classical ballet, a heritage that blends artistry with athleticism.
Unlock the numerous benefits of ballet, from sharpening mental focus to achieving a captivating dancer's posture. Revel in the camaraderie of our dance community, where every class is a step toward well-being and artistic expression. Find your balance and rhythm with us and leap into a world of beauty and strength; en roll in our ballet classes today and dance your way to a healthier lifestyle!



Our lyrical classes follow the latest trends in contemporary and lyrical jazz dance. Specialist teachers instruct students on the most current movements in these dance fields and the meaning behind how the body moves and the expression it conveys. This class is compulsory for troupe students 8 and up.

Tap Shoes


Discover the toe-tapping excitement of tap dance at Entertainment Works Australia, where we offer dynamic tap dance classes for ages 3 to adults! Our curriculum is crafted to captivate both the young and young-at-heart, inviting everyone to the timeless art of tap.

Starting with work suitable for 4 year olds and going through to tertiary/professional level, EWPA offers Tap classes with our specialised teachers. Students work on technique, style, rhythm and performance as they work towards a dance for competitions and the annual concert.



Step into the spotlight with our Musical Theatre classes, where we create stars for the stage from ages 3 to adults at Entertainment Works Australia! Our expertly-tailored classes blend singing, acting, dancing, and stage craft forming the ultimate rounded performers.Musical theatre offers a suite of benefits: it's a cardiovascular workout, strengthens physical coordination, and promotes flexibility. The variety in routines boosts memory recall and cognitive functions, making it an excellent brain workout. Furthermore, participants gain invaluable life skills, such as public speaking, leadership abilities, and increased self-esteem. 

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We are passionate about creating a stimulating experience that goes beyond dance steps. By introducing you to the rich culture of Hip Hop, we also nurture cultural appreciation and understanding. This engaging dance form, filled with diversity and history, offers a fantastic way to connect with others while learning about the world through dance.Our Hip Hop classes offer more than just an energetic physical workout; they imbue your children with confidence, social skills, and the opportunity to express themselves creatively. The supportive environment of Entertainment Works Australia ensures that everyone feel encouraged to step outside their comfort zones, participate in team activities, and build friendships that resonate with Hip Hop's collaborative spirit.



Our Jazz program focuses on age-appropriate jazz dance techniques, trendy choreography, and the cultivation of performance skills—all in a supportive and nurturing environment. Students will learn to master jazz steps, isolations, leaps, turns, and stylised dance moves that are sure to impress and build a strong dance foundation.

Whether your child dreams of lighting up the stage or simply wants to explore the joy of movement, our jazz dance classes offer a vibrant and healthy activity that they will love. Register today and grow into confident, rhythm-savvy jazz dancers with every beat!



Discover a world where grace meets gusto – Entertainment Works Australia presents our "Kids Combo" class, specially designed for young dancers aged 3-7! This enchanting program weaves together the elegance of Ballet, the exuberance of Jazz, and the exhilarating flips of Acrobatics, creating a well-rounded dance experience for your child while they find the style that suits them.

Entertainment Works Australia's Kids Combo class is the trifecta your child needs for a comprehensive dance education. Under the guidance of our experienced instructors, your child will cultivate artistic talent, athletic prowess, and the joy of dance while building strong foundations for their future. This is the perfect platform for nurturing young performers in a fun, creative, safe and supportive environment.

Don’t wait to nurture your child's potential! Enroll them in our Kids Combo class today, and watch as they pirouette, leap, and flip their way into a bright and confident future with Entertainment Works Australia!



Experience the joy of Line Dancing, where each shuffle and kick not only uplifts your spirits but also enhances your fitness. This low-impact aerobic activity is ideal for improving cardiovascular health, building stamina, and toning muscles without the stress on your joints. Plus, with each step, you're boosting your memory and coordination as you follow the patterns.


Line Dancing is about community and connection. There's no need for a partner, so you can come just as you are and make new friends as you move in sync to the beat. Whether you're looking to socialize, de-stress, or just have a blast, our Line Dancing class at Entertainment Works Australia is the place to be.

Join our Line Dancing community today, and let the good times roll at Entertainment Works Australia!

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