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Step into the rhythm with our exhilarating Tap for Kids classes! At Entertainment Works Australia, young dancers can discover the magic of tap with classes specially designed for children, offering a perfect outlet for them to develop their musicality and sense of rhythm while having a blast making music with their feet!

Our Tap for Kids program combines fun and learning in an environment that celebrates the unique history and joy of tap dancing. Under the guidance of our experienced instructors, children will learn the foundational steps and techniques of tap, from the basic shuffle to the impressive time step—ensuring a well-rounded tap education.

 Tap provides a cardio workout that is both entertaining and health-promoting. Engaging in tap classes helps to foster concentration, improves balance, and engrains a sense of rhythm that benefits all areas of life, including academic performance.

Tapp classes for  years to Adults

For mini tappers starting at age 3, our classes infuse fun and foundational steps to develop rhythm and coordination. Youth and teen classes continue to incorporate tap technique, progressing to intricate combinations that boost physical fitness and cognitive skills. Adult sessions, meanwhile, offer a lively way to stay active, challenge the mind, and relive the golden era of tap dance!

Benefits of tap dance include aerobic fitness, muscle strengthening, balance improvement, and enhanced flexibility. It is also fantastic for mental health, offering stress relief and a creative outlet that sharpens memory and focus. Tap dance is not just an activity; it's a rhythmic journey that fosters social skills, self-confidence, and the sheer joy of dance.

Step up to the beat! Join our tap dance family and revel in the benefits of tap—from boosting your cardiovascular health to jazzing up your social calendar. Hit the floor with us and let your spirit tap into its best rhythm yet!

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